What Kind Water Shall We Drink?

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2016)

Drinking water is the water that can be supplied to the human body directly without being treated. Water is the main fluid component of body, and it is an important part of the cell, tissue fluid, plasma and so on. Water as a media of all the chemical reactions in the body, is a variety of nutrients and material transport platform. So what kind water shall we drink?



According to the water hardness is firstly divided into two kinds of water: soft water and hard water.
Water hardness is the salts kind content dissolved in the water, which is calcium salt and magnesium salt, the hardness of the unit is ppm, 1 ppm on behalf of the water content of calcium carbonate 1 mg / L .Less than 142 ppm of the water is called soft water, higher than 285 ppm of the water is called hard water, ranging from 142 to 285 ppm called moderate hard. The rain and snow is soft water; river and lake water is moderate water; spring water, deep underground water, sea water is hard water.
Hard water usually for health does not cause direct harm. But because hard water contains so much calcium salt, we used to boil the water for killing the bacterial before drink, particularly easy to create incrustation scale in the kettle. The scale of precipitation is mainly carbonate and magnesium salts. Such salt go into the gut and separate to parts, will become part of major elements of people; if not dissolved and decomposed, with fecal untangle out, there will be no special effects on the body.
However, if there is scale, will adsorb more harmful substances, it will produce a certain hazards. If a person has stone disease, and it is the calcium stones, if you drink much hard water, it will aggravate the disease.

The drinking water includes clean natural spring water, well water, river water and lake water, as well as processed mineral water, purified water and so on. The processed drinking water includes bottled water, bucket water, drinking pipeline water etc..Tap water is not used to be used directly, but in some parts of the world can direct drinking because of the high quality management standard.Generally will named the boiled drinking water as boiling water.
Water is an important part of the human body, but also a necessary medium of metabolism. The daily consumption of water, about half of the need for direct drinking water to supplement, other parts from meals obtained directly, less in part by the body from the decomposition of carbohydrates. Adults need about 1200 ml of water per day.
The view that the mineral elements in drinking water has an important role for the human body, drinking pure water will cause the imbalance of mineral metabolism. This has been supported by a large number of statistical data from the world.


Pure water

Pure water is generally distilled water or full purified water, does not contain any mineral elements, no bacteria, impurities. Pure water is just water, it is a set of water molecules, pH=7. Mainly to the microelectronics, astronauts and other high-end environmental use. For the human body, drinking pure water is not necessary, in fact, after filling, transportation, pipeline transportation, etc., to drink at last is not pure water.

Mineral water

Added mineral elements to the pure water has been used by many drinking water. But some producers by adding sodium hydroxide to release chemicals such as sodium and potassium cations, such water, its pH value high than pure water, but the addition of sodium hydroxide does not meet the requirements of safe drinking water, which is a strong alkaline substance. Some mineral water is filtered or purified from natural water, remove the harmful elements and keep the health parts, now has become the main healthy drink water.


Natural water

Natural water pH in 7 – 8, weakly alkaline. People long-term drinking, can maintain the body to weak alkaline. Various animal experiments show that natural water can improve the tolerance of hypoxia and fatigue of the white mouse, and enhance the body’s ability to anti-aging. Here the natural water is a clean water, should be clean by some filter material, such as activated carbon.

Boiled water

The source of the water is municipal tap water, has different pH value for the local different water quality. We suggest: open the pot lid for 3 minutes after the water is boiled, so that the water of acid and harmful substances evaporate with the vapor. And should drink the boiled water at current day, not overnight.

Spring water

Spring water is flowing through the mountainous area, the formation of self purification to natural drinking water. Water come from rain, or the under-ground, exposed to the surface or flow in the shallow surface. While flowing, filtered by the slope and vegetation layers at the same time, also mix the mineral elements, which is beneficial to the human body. It is soft water and the ideal drinking water. Not like the mineral content of mineral water a little high, spring water is suitable for each stage people to drink, especially children.

No matter what kind, you can look at the pH value, to see whether they are weak alkaline health good water.

PH value was slightly alkaline

Does not contain any toxic,harmful and odor to human body, moderate hardness, and pH value was slightly alkaline. The human body needs mineral content and proper proportions of dissolved oxygen and moderate dioxide carbon. Water molecules should be small, but with large combination angle, close to human molecular combination angle. Water nutritional and physiological function should be strong, such as solubility, permeability, diffusion. –This is scientific definition of the healthy water, hard to understand. So only need to remember it is slightly alkaline water.

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