The TIPs of How to Choose the Right Water Filter or Purifier

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Healthy water is everything. How to get it?

Filtration and purification are two common methods, both of them are slightly different. Filtration is the use of pure physical way to remove impurities, depends on the size of the material itself, through the fine to micron level filter, grading filter impurities. Filtration depends on the pore size filter, this filter will lose some pressure, filtration applications representative including MF, UF, RO membrane and PP cotton filter etc..Purification generally refers to the use of chemical exchange in the way of replacement, that is, the use of useful elements to replace harmful substances, to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality, commonly used in activated carbon, ion exchange, etc..
In reality filter equipment, often mixed two ways to achieve the best combination of filtering effect.

5 stage filtration

5 stage filtration

Where to install the filter or purifier?

Very simple, starting from the water into the home, until you eventually use, you can install water filtration equipment. But is it really so simple? Obviously not, need to consider a lot of factors: whether to easy installation, any electrical outlet, water quality, water consumption, how is the most cost-effective? etc.

Firstly let’s take a look at a totally filter equipment in house:

Whole House Water Filter Diagram s

It is quite clear in the above diagram, there are PF (pre-filter), house center filter, house center softener, countertop or under sink filter, faucet filter, or pitcher and bottle filter.

So what filter do your want?

Firstly you should know what water you want. If you just care about the water which you drink, so maybe no need to soften the water. There are many choices to purifier the drink water, depend on your favor. Some people think under sink filter is easy to use, install in the kitchen and build a separate faucet just for the clean water.But someone maybe think it is too trouble to build such installation, just countertop is OK, or pitcher is enough. OK, it is your choice.

First choice for following situation:

I. The water which come into your house is not too bad, it is enough with some little purifier.
1, I care about just the drink water.

First suggestion is pitcher, next is the countertop filter, the last one is faucet filter. Why pitcher is better? Because it is easy to use, and can use everywhere in your house. Why the faucet filter is the last one? Because the filter material size, it is too small, the filter capacity is weak and less, even though it looks very ease to use.

2, I care about the drink water and clean water which clean the food material.

The suggestion order is under sink filter, countertop and faucet filter. Why under sink filter is great? Because it’s filter capacity is great, you can change the filter material after using about one or two years. Many people hope never change the filter material, it can clean by themselves. Yes, you are right, some brand can use much longer with special technology, such as A.O smith’s MAX 5.0 technology, or SYR from Germany has back flush patent. There filter material can be used for above 5 years. It is amazing.

3, Not only the drink clean water, I hope clean my face with healthy soften water. Some lady should pay attention to this.

Except the above choice, you should install a water softener. Such as 3M SFT series. Most of ion exchange softener use sodium salt as the exchange material, only Honeywell patent use with magnesium salt.

4, I am so worry about the water, hope everywhere in my house is clean water.

If you has such choice, congratulations! You are a clever and rich guy. I suggest AOsmith,3M,Everpure,Honeywell,SYR etc. All of these brands have totally water filter solution for you.

No matter which solution you want, I strong suggest you to install a pre-filter, it will block most large particles and other impurities.

II. The water into house is quite bad and dirty, big dust and worst taste.

You are not lucky guy if you live with such situation. But you also have choice to live with healthy water. Only two more equipment will solve this problem: pre-filter and house center filter.

Pre-filter can effectively remove large particles and other impurities, improve water quality, protect the family water line and some other equipment. The famous professional water filter company can provide this equipment. This equipment no need to change the filter material with back flush technology.

Why need house center filter or center softener? It is not essential filter equipment actually. Just one reason: reduce the totally cost and no need to change the filter material frequently. It looks not easy to understand for center filter is not cheap. To understand this issue, you should think about the living period more than ten years. One center filter can be used for more than ten years and no need to worry about the filter material with back flush technology. With center filter, the filter equipment provider will give your much more professional after sale services. It can reduce the cost of under sink or countertop filter, extended their lifecycle of filter material. With detail price and filter material lifecycle, you can calculate the total ten years cost by yourself.

OK, now you know how to select the filter equipment, so which brand is your favor?

We am confused with so many good brands can provide great filters for you, some have more than one hundred years history. 3M, A.O smith, Apec, Aquasana, Brita, Doulton, Ecowater, Everpure, Haier, Honeywell, Philips, PUR, SYR, TORAY, Whirlpool, etc.. All of them have unique weapons to maintain their own unique status, but carefully compare their products, you will find that they are roughly the same filter principle, only some minor differences. In fact, you need to choose them according to your specific water situation and water quality, and even water quantity and some special needs. In general, according to your own water habits, the first choice is solution, and then choose the brand.

5 thoughts on “The TIPs of How to Choose the Right Water Filter or Purifier”

  1. Thanks for explaining how there are a variety of options to purify your drink water in your home and they can be installed in different locations, such as under your sink. Since this is the case, you’d probably want to figure out which one will be best for your house by looking at the available space as well as how much water you usually drink. Once you’ve figured out your requirements, you’d probably want to research the different brands and purification products as well as installation companies in order to make sure it’s done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

  2. I like that you provided some tips on how to choose the right water filter or purifier such as determining exactly what your purpose is. Do you want water coming out of your faucet safe for drinking? If this is so, then you may opt to choose a water purifier. Knowing your main purpose would certainly narrow down your choices on which specific water softening equipment would be best to install in your household. If you’re not sure, you can always consult a professional who would be able to provide you with expert advice. Thanks.

  3. The city’s water does not taste too good where I live, and they’ve had a few problems with bacteria getting into the system. So I want to find someone who could install some sort of water filter into my home somewhere. I like how you point out that an under sink filter will be perfect to clean the water and make it safe to drink and wash food with.

  4. My dad wants to make sure that water in the restaurant is clean. It was discussed here that healthy water is important and filtration is a physical way of removing impurities. Moreover, it’s recommended to hire professional plumbers for commercial water filtration equipment services.

  5. Thanks for the tips on choosing the right water purification system for your home. I’m glad that you pointed out using water for things other than drinking; I never thought about the fact that it purifies your shower water too. In my opinion, everyone should have some sort of purification system in their home.

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