Large Industrial Water Pre Filtration and Disinfection Methods

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2016)

Water filtering is divided into two kinds: industrial pre filtration and family filtration. Industrial pre filter is generally a large capacity filter, which belongs to coarse filter, because need to deal with a large amount of water.


Industrial pre filter is generally divided into the following ways:

1, Precipitation

Use of natural precipitation (such as grit chamber), or chemical softening (such as adding chemical agents), so that the sediment of the water in the chamber will be sediment deposition.

2, Filter

The water will be treated by granular filter material, so that impurities in the water was removed by he filter material. The filter material is mainly quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand and so on.

3, Coagulation and clarification.

With the action of coagulant, the solid particles in the water are contacted with each other to change the shape and density of the solid particles, so as to achieve the separation from the water.

After industrial pre filtration of the water, generally at the same time will be disinfected, kill some bacteria and viruses.

Water disinfection methods can be divided into two types: chemical and physical. Physical disinfection method has the heating method, the ultraviolet ray method, the supersonic wave and so on. Chemical methods include chlorination, ozonation, heavy metal ions and other oxidant method etc..

1, Chlorination.

Due to the strong ability of chlorine disinfection, cheap price, simple equipment, convenient and easy determination of residual chlorine, dosage adjustment, so the chlorine is widely used. The chlorine solution will react to produce hypochlorite in water, hypochlorous acid has strong oxidation, hypochlorous acid decomposition of the formation of nascent oxygen, nascent oxygen strong oxidizing bacteria and the virus on protein substances such as degeneration, thus lethal pathogenic microorganisms.
In addition to the use of chlorine, chlorine compounds is also used, such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent, only weak than ozone. Bleaching powder is a chlorine compound.
But the chlorination have side effects, treatment with chlorine in tap water containing chloroform and halogenated organic compounds and other carcinogens.

2, ozone.

The ozone generated by the ozone generator has strong oxidation ability, so it has strong bactericidal effect, decolorization, deodorization and decomposition. Ozone can quickly kill the virus, bacteria and other microorganisms, more than 100 times faster than chlorine, almost instantly kill, and high efficiency. In particular, the removal of organic compounds from pollutants completely without producing the second pollution. The ozone has toxic chemicals, such as phenols, cyanide, phenol and so on. Can remove harmful metals, such as mercury, lead, manganese; carcinogens, such as benzene. The ozone can green oxidation the harmful substance, nontoxic substances generated. Ozone treated water, no smell and delicious.
But the majority of mineral water or natural water sources contain bromine, bromine ion itself is non-toxic harmless. But in the presence of ozone, ozone and the strong oxidizing substances can oxidize the bromide ions then generate bromate, this is an carcinogens defined by international health organization.

3, UV disinfection.

As an alternative / or complementary means of ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection has many unique advantages. Worldwide has been widely used in food and beverage manufacturing enterprises, in other industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry has also been widely used. Ultraviolet rays can kill all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi (including spores) does not produce any negative disinfection products, it is a kind of disinfection technology with low maintenance cost, friendly environment, ensure the highest level at the same time to reduce dependence on the disinfection of chemical disinfectants for people.


So select which filter solution in your home, firstly you should know which pre filtration and disinfection mode locally.

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