3M Aqua-Pure Under Sink Water Filtration System Key Points

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2016)

The 3M AquaPure water filtration system effectively filter the harmful substances in the water, keep the beneficial substances, and provide clean and healthy water. There are several under sink models have different features. Most of the filter material pass the FDA CFR-21 Compliant requirement, safe to drink.



There are several models of under sink, has difference features. Here list the main four types.

1. DWS1000

Main features:

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor for more appealing drinking water
  • Reduces particulate and rust to help preserve plumbing and fixtures
  • Reduces lead, VOCs, MTBE, and parasitic protozoan cysts for peace of mind
  • Automatic shutoff meter reminds user to change cartridges
  • Sanitary twist-off cartridge design to help provide fast and easy cartridge change

Some reviews from customer:

“We had one installed in 2002. One of the valves cracked so we bought this replacement. again in 2016. We can taste the difference which is why we really like this product.”

“After 16 years finally needed to replace with the same model. Working great.”

2. Easy Complete

Main features:

  • Reduces particulate, rust, and the taste and odor of chlorine, helps improve the quality of cloudy, colored, or musty water
  • Reduces particulate to help preserve plumbing and fixtures
  • Helps provide clean, clear, fresh-tasting tap water, an economical alternative to bottled water
  • Helps to reduce parasitic protozoan cysts and select VOCs

Some reviews from customer:

“This filter provides terrific water flow unlike another filter I use. It has improved the taste of my water very well. It looks easy to maintain, with the included usage monitor for when to change the filter.”

“I purchased a new house and my wife said the water smelled like chlorine. I installed the Aqua-Pure system and she said the smell completely disappeared. That’s 5 stars in my book! Thanks 3M!”

3. FF100

Main features:

  • Advanced drinking water system has a 6,000 gallon capacity – three times the capacity of first generation products
  • Significantly reduces particulate, chlorine taste and odor, cysts and lead
  • 0.2 nominal micron rating for particulate reduction
  • Tested flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Minimal under sink space required. No need to drill holes in sink faucet that could effect kitchen decor

Some reviews from customer:

“Met all my expectations. Had been using a faucet mounted filter for years, which worked fine but was unsightly and kept cracking. I liked that I didn’t have to drill an extra hole in countertop, like you would with a dedicated drinking water filter. No noticeable chlorine taste with the 3MFF100.”

“Awesome filter. Great flow when installed properly. Great tasting water. Goodbye Brita!!”

4. APRO5500

Main features:

  • Advanced four-stage filtration process helps provide clear, tasty drinking water
  • Five-micron filtration reduces sediment and rust to minimal levels
  • Universal design allows use with municipal (chlorinated) or well (non-chlorinated) water supplies
  • High-flux, thin-film reverse osmosis membrane provides a production rate of up to 25 gallons (95 liters) per day
  • Automatic shutoff helps promote peak efficiency and water conservation

Some reviews from customer:

“We’ve had the system for over a year and we love it. No issues. Great tasting water. We had it professionally installed by a local plumbing company. I bought a more stylish faucet from Ferguson to match our decor (oil rubbed bronze) Works great. I highly recommend!”

“Expensive, but it works well and no leak. This is my 1st month and I do not have any problem with it. Had Watt premier and exchanged 3 times and all leaks…
Still no leak and works well after 2 years. Concerned as the other review that the spigot is flaking chrome. Ours isn’t flaking yet and I removed the spigot tip.”

Not recommend the APRO5500 for the common people, it is too pure water, no substances including the harmful and benefit, only water. So it is for some special people, such as some patient with stone disease.

The comparison table of the above models:
Pic 3m-aqua-pure-under-sink-water-filtration-system-model-3m-ff100 3m-aqua-pure-under-sink-water-filtration-system-model-ap-dws1000 aqua-pure-under-sink-water-filtration-system-model-ap-easy-complete 3m-aqua-pure-under-sink-reverse-osmosis-filtration-system-model-apro5500
Brand 3M AquaPure 3M AquaPure 3M AquaPure 3M AquaPure
Model FF100 AP-DWS1000 AP Easy Complete APRO5500
Type Under Sink Under Sink Under Sink Under Sink
Contaminant Reduction Chlorine Taste & Odor‎, Cyst‎, Lead‎, Sediment‎ Chlorine Taste & Odor‎, Cyst‎, Lead‎, Mercury, Asbestos, VOC, MTBE, Pesticides, Sediment‎ Chlorine Taste and Odor, Lead, Cysts, Mercury, Asbestos and Select VOCs, Sediment Lead, Arsenic, TDS (total dissolved solids), Turbidity, Parasitic Protozoan Cysts, Radium, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride & Selenium
Nominal Micron Rating 0.2 0.5 0.5 5 for Carbon
0.0001 for RO
Flow Rate‎ 2.5 gpm 0.6 gpm 0.75 gpm 25 gpd
Capacity 6000 Gallon 625 Gallon 750 Gallon 2500 Gallon
Replacement Interval‎ 12 months 6 months 6 months 6 months for filters
36 months for membrane
Replacement filter FF101 #1 (AP-DW80)
#2 (AP-DW90)
C-Complete AP5527
Material PP Cotton IMPACT Fold Membrane and BlackMagic Activated Carbon  CFR-21 Compliant PP Cotton Activated Carbon and Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Others with Faucet with Faucet with Faucet and 2.4 Gallon Tank
Buy it amazon-shopping-cart amazon-shopping-cart amazon-shopping-cart amazon-shopping-cart
Key Points of 3M Filtration System:

3M “black magic” high polymerization sintering activated carbon. By the ultra fine activated carbon powder sintering, the performance is far superior to ordinary particles or powdered activated carbon, and polymerization into the FDA certification of edible polymer materials, to filter the heavy metal pollution, antibacterial and other effects.

IMPACT composite filtering technology, medical level of the fold membrane plus sintering activated carbon rod filter technology.

SOC, Sanitary Quick Change Design, easy to change the replacement filters.


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