Best Water Filters 2020

Water is the most important thing in our life, our body 70-80% is water, water is the patron saint of the body and scavenger, can be said in each cell must rely on water to complete the function, can help digestion, balance temperature, lubricating joints, waste. Water is the source of life……

In the life, everywhere rusty pipes, no clean two pressurized water tank, unscrew the faucet yellow water outflow, drink tap water has bleach fishy odor and taste, people have to boil the water for drinking after sterilization only, but the water can not remove the lead, chromium, mercury, manganese, chloroform and other harmful pollutants……

First at all, let’s take a look of the best healthy water filters or purifiers:

Best of the best water filters 2020

Comparison most of the brand and model, select the most popular and high reliable product, which has the great design and good filter performance. You will never regret if select these models.

Type Brand Model Pic Buy it
Best Pitcher Water Filter brita Grand Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher 3 amazon-shopping-cart
Best Countertop Water Filter doulton w9331032 doulton-w9331032 amazon-shopping-cart
Best Faucet Mount Water Filter PUR FM-9100B pur-advanceplus-faucet-mount amazon-shopping-cart
Best Under Sink Water Filter APEC ROES-50 apec-roes-50 amazon-shopping-cart
Best Water Filter Bottle LifeStraw Go Water lifestraw-go-water-bottle-2
Best Water Filter Dispenser PUR 18 Cup pur-18-cup-dispenser amazon-shopping-cart
Best Whole House Water Filter 3M Aauapure 904 ap900-series amazon-shopping-cart
Best House Water Softener Fleck 5600SXT 5600sxt amazon-shopping-cart
Best Water Filtration solution Everpure H-1200 everpure-h-1200-drinking-water-filter-system-ev9282-00 amazon-shopping-cart
Best Back Flush Pre Water Filter SYR ECO syr-eco-pre-filter-2 amazon-shopping-cart

Why this the best, how to choose them? See the details in this tips…

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There are three main parts: technology of the filter or purifier, main brands and their products, how to use filter including installation and maintain. We hope you can know the theory of filter after read some article, and know how to make water filter solution, then select the best filter or purifier finally.